At GRIM we believe in transparency and accountability. We are accountable to you, our client. We track all of our Internet Marketing campaigns in our online Client Dashboard, available to you 24/7. We track the results of our progress, record every article we write and every effort we use.

Too many companies claim they are providing you with "SEO Services" but can't quantify the work that is being done. At GRIM, we meet with our clients regularly and review the work we are doing. More importantly, we review the results. As we track the results, we work with you to evolve your Internet Marketing campaigns to get the best impact possible.

All of this is visible in our Client Dashboard.


Track Everything

The GRIM Client Dashboard tracks everything we do. We track the articles we write and the blog posts we create. We track your organic visitors and what pages are the most effective. We record the leads and the phone calls generated as a direct result of our marketing efforts.

Measure Results

We measure our results and review them week after week, month after month, year and year. Concise measurements determine which efforts are working the best, and we evolve our tactics as needed. Internet Marketing has the benefit of making every effort measurable.

Adapt and Evolve

Another benefit of Internet Marketing is the ability to be fluid. We adapt to changes and evolve our Marketing campaigns for the best possible performance. Search Engines are constantly evolving their algorithm and we evolve with them. Staying on top of changes is crucial to getting results.

Track and Evolve

The GRIM Client Dashboard tracks everything so we can evolve your Internet Marketing campaigns for optimal performance. All in one place. The Client Dashboard tracks results and is a great training tool for your staff. Ask us for a free, no-obligation demo.


GRIM Digital Media Client Dashboard

Track, measure and evolve for Internet Marketing campaigns that work.