What does SEO mean to GRIM?

It's crucial for potential customers to be able to find you easily online - that's the entire purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). At GRIM, we do this by identifying the keywords your potential customers use when they're trying to find your services and products, and then strategically placing them in your website content and code. We also firmly believe in an organic approach, to SEO which means you need to have quality content strategically published on your site and across multiple online channels. We do this to show search engines you're a leader in your industry, and to prove to customers that  you should be their vendor or partner over all your competition.

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SEO and Website Design

Good website design and structure is vital if you want to appear at the top of the list in search engine results. A lot is determined by the mechanics of your site - the structure and organization of your pages and content, the metadata behind your site, the quality of the links, and the load time of your pages. Search engines reward sites that adhere to these guidelines and standards because they result in a better experience for the end-user. And because it indicates that you've taken the time to do it right.

The structure of your content is important to the search engines as well as your customers. Good organization, clear headers, and optimized images are all taken into account by search engine algorithms.
Both internal and external links need to be relevant, current, and useful. We fix broken links, and help you determine the best number and placement so your site can be crawled correctly by search engine spiders.
Metadata is additional information embedded in the code and is the language of search engine spiders. Good, clear metadata helps the spiders put context to your content, allows your website to get indexed accurately on Search Engine servers, and contributes to a higher rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).


SEO and Content Publishing

Site mechanics are one thing, but your content is what will make or break you in your efforts to rank in the top search engine results. As we mentioned, we completely agree with the statement that content is king. And good content is not only necessary for your site, it's necessary across all your off-site marketing efforts as well. A focus on content should be a priority in any SEO strategy.


The content on your site needs to be relevant, unique and fresh - with clear authorship. And it should be maintained, updated, and enhanced. This doesn't mean you need to change your pages all the time - onsite blogs are an excellent way to introduce new content to your site.
To remain current and in front of your customers' eyes, you need to publish content through social media channels, press releases, news articles, and on other websites and blogs. This also is an authority signal for your company to search engines, which is a factor used to determine your relevancy in search results.

SEO services embrace an understanding of how search engines operate; how best to design, construct, and code your website and content. However, even the best designers. programmers and writers need an organic marketing strategy to get you long- term results.


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At GRIM, we always adhere to this standard:
Keep your customers in mind first; the search engines will follow.

What can GRIM do for you?


We organize your site with purposeful content and clear headings;  We ensure it stays focused and relevant; We optimize images for fast-loading without sacrificing viewing quality (speed matters to Google too); We name images with identified keywords; We write strong captions (perhaps the most often-read text on your site); We write alternate text that is meaningful for viewers unable to see images.


We keep your links current and help you develop more "deep linking" across your site; We fix broken links to ensure your site can be crawled correctly by search engines, and navigated without frustration by customers; We ensure your external links are "natural" and not overdone (Google will penalize you if they believe you're a link farm);  We help you get quality links to enhance your online credibility and reputation.


We research the best keywords for your target market and include them appropriately (more isn't always better); We ensure your metadata is consistent, complete and appropriate across your entire site; We write your title tags so they're optimized for both your customers and for search engines; We write a Description tag that brings more viewers in for a closer look; We manage the Robots for you.


We create relevant, insightful content for your site; We ensure it's unique; We maintain it and keep it fresh; We add Author tags to add credibility to search results and start to build recognition among established and potential customers; We create a blog for your site and show you how to manage it - or manage it for you too.


We publish content about your products and services regularly; We create press releases, news articles, and blog entries for other sites through our staff of writers, syndication techniques, and publishing partners - all to enhance your online authority and increase your visibility and credibility with customers and search engines.


We promote you organically - meaning, we use all of the tactics we've mentioned to make customers want to find you: This is your long-term marketing plan, and it's the most cost-effective way to  bring in the highest number of real customers - customers that want to do business with you, the highest conversion rate possible.

We track the effectiveness of every tactic. 

For more information about increasing visibility with your geographic neighbors, check out our Local SEO Services.