Graphic Design encompasses many things in today's digital world. Website Graphics, Illustrations, Identity Packages, Infographics, Digital Sell Sheets and Brochures, and Business Cards are just some of the ways we implement Graphic Design at GRIM Digital Media.

Example of GRIM Website Graphics displayed on iPhones

Website Graphics

Graphic Design on your website is key. We design graphics that are consistent with your company image across all pages of your website. Learn more about GRIM Website Design.

Insane Tees illustrations


From concept sketches to full artwork, we create Illustrations that bring your company Branding and Identity to life. If you can imagine it, we can design it. Need help with ideas? Our GRIM Creative Team can help with that too.

Delibert Employment Solutions consistent brand identity across a variety of pieces

Identity Packages

Once we establish your brand, we carry it across all correspondence with your customers. Consistent branding created with innovative Graphic Design. That's what we do.

Example of Website Design and Internet Marketing Infographics


Infographics are a great way to communicate your message. It's a fact that people respond to the combination of images with words better than to words alone. At GRIM, we can create custom Infographics for you that tell compelling stories.

Three Digital Sell Sheets, designed by GRIM Digital Media

Digital Brochures and Sell Sheets

Brochures and Sell Sheets are a great way to leave behind a message you want to convey to your clients. We create digital assets that are consistent with your brand and remind clients what you have to offer. Learn more about GRIM Branding here.

Example of the variety of good design for business cards

Business Cards

Business Cards go without saying. We design them to leave a lasting impression with your prospects and customers. Clean, simple and concise.

What can GRIM do for you?

We follow all the latest trends and cutting edge designs and help you stay current and foremost in your customers’ minds. Check out our Portfolio to see some of our work, or Contact Us for more information and to request a quote.