Ensure a positive first impression with GRIM Digital Media Branding and Logo Design services.

We work with you from the ground up, creating a brand, identity and logo that resonate with your customers and reflect the value of your products and services. This impacts the design and tone of your website and visual collateral; your brand should be instantly recognized whether your customers are visiting you online, viewing a digital brochure, or looking at your business cards.

“Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual.” — Edward Tufte   

Chalkboard menu displaying Patagonian Toothfish and Slimehead Fish specials

Brand & Identity

Dinner plate of Chilean Sea Bass, re-branded from original name of Patagonian Toothfish

Branding appears in many ways. The Patagonian Toothfish and the Slimehead Fish are not very appetizing names on any seafood menu. In fact, fisherman used to consider the Patagonian Toothfish and the Slimehead Fish 'throwaway fish.' They would catch them by mistake and toss them back because at the time, no one would buy them. That is until, the Patagonian Toothfish was renamed (Re-Branded) as the Chilean Sea Bass and the Slimehead became known as Orange Roughy. From 'throwaway' fish to fine dining menus everywhere. Re-Branded brilliantly.

At GRIM, we learn your brand or create a new one for you. Our creative team will work with you to learn who you are as a company and how you want to be perceived by your customers. Sometimes it's subtle, and other times we have to go from the Patagonian Toothfish to the Chilean Sea Bass.

Branding includes your logo, company colors, graphics and images, your website, business cards and all other collateral that represents your business, products and services.

Logo Design

Logo Design is the first step to creating your brand. At GRIM we can create your logo based around your ideas, from sketch to final product. We turn that logo into the foundation of all your branding. If you have a logo and you don't feel like it represents your company the way you want, we can redesign a logo for you and give your business a fresh look. Companies update their logos all the time - and sometimes even cycle back to an older logo that comes back into style. An updated logo can strengthen your brand; we can design one that makes you stand out from the competition.

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Collage of branding and logos designed by GRIM Digital Media

We are passionate about good design. We seek it out, appreciate its variety, and we create it.


We keep it simple. And impactful.

Your brand should reflect what is most important to your organization. Customers respond to that, and become loyal to companies that have values reflecting their own.
Decide on a name, content, and visual identity that reflect your core qualities and goals. Your business needs to communicate consistently and quickly in a variety of mediums.
Apply the design across your website, your marketing efforts, and all collateral. Keep your message consistent and new customers will start to recognize and connect with you.

Insane Tees Branding Process - from sketch to final Logo

What can GRIM do for you?

We follow all the latest trends and cutting edge designs and help you stay current and foremost in your customers’ minds. Check out our Portfolio to see some of our work, or Contact Us for more information and to request a quote.