Writing and Publishing is at the heart of Content Marketing - and your entire marketing strategy. Your content relays the underlying value behind everything you do - if you communicate accurately, concisely, and in a manner that holds a reader's attention. If you're missing any one of these components, it really doesn't matter what words you have on, or off, your website. You need to have strong writing everywhere your content appears to increase your relevancy with search engines, and more importantly, with your customers. 

GRIM can help you with all your content, with a focus in these primary areas:







  • Keep a wide audience informed about exciting news, events, brand and campaign launches, awards, and milestones.
  • Affirm your corporate and brand identify by being present in the online world and reach a huge number of potential customers.


  • Be quoted in news stories and establish yourself as a leading industry authority.
  • Get your business mentioned in trending news stories; unlike Press Releases, these stories don’t always need your company as the focus – which opens up more possibilities for getting your name in front of potential customers.




  • Bring customers to your site with frequently published posts related to your industry, products, and services.
  • Gain readers’ trust and respect by publishing content that is valuable to them – even if it isn’t directly about your brand (Blog Posts are not sales pitches).
  • Build a community with your website visitors: answer questions, offer expert advice, share tips on relevant topics, provide in-depth explanations about your products and services. All of these things can reduce buyer’s resistance when you do have a sales conversation with them.
  • Find your voice; it’s the style and tone that aligns with your company’s position and philosophy. It’s what makes you, you. Your voice is the best way to distinguish yourself with customers and let them come to recognize and understand you.
  • Reach out to blogging communities, where bloggers who write on similar topics can pick up and re-post your content. This can amplify your reach exponentially.
  • Post good content regularly and your visitors will come to see you as an industry leader. So will the Search Engines.



Keep your blog simple, easy to navigate, easy to search, and include an author and date for each of your posts.
Check out the GRIM Blog to see an example.



  • STRATEGIZE AND WRITE. We talk with you to get the details and agree on expectations for content, tone and voice. Our team of professional writers then write the Press Release, News Article or Blog Post accordingly, and in a way that conveys compelling information quickly for readers while including targeted keywords and links to your website. This means all content is also optimized for Search Engines to retrieve it when people are looking for related content.
  • REVIEW AND EDIT. You get final sign-off before we publish. And because we have a team of writers, we can go from topic agreement to published piece on any schedule that works best for your marketing strategy.
  • RESEARCH & PUBLISH. We publish through our syndicate partners to maximize your exposure. For examples, we publish through PRWeb to reach 250,000+ subscribers and 30,000+ journalists and bloggers. We also research additional directories, sites and blogs specific to your industry and niche market.
  • TRACK AND EVOLVE. We’ll track all Press Releases, News Articles and Blog Posts so you can see the outlets in which they’re published – and which ones receive the most traffic. We learn from theses metrics and evolve your strategy. Read more about GRIM Analytics here.

RESULTS: An increase in your company’s visibility and recognition across the Internet, higher rankings with Search Engines, and more engaged customers coming to your door.

What can GRIM do for you?

All services are completed by our professional writing team to provide value to your customers, and increase your visibility, authority, and relevancy with Search Engines.



We write clear, concise, engaging content for your website to draw visitors in and provide them with real value; We ensure clean headings, image captions, and proper keyword placement to optimize your content for Search Engines.


We establish a company tone and voice with you and incorporate that into all online company announcements; We publish exciting news, events, brand and campaign launches, awards, and milestones through our syndication partners for maximum exposure.


We research and write stories about your company and brand; We get you mentioned or quoted in other trending news articles; We’ll syndicate all content to reach hundreds of thousands of subscribers and visitors.


We create a blog for your website and keep it fresh with new postings; We write blog posts for other industry relevant blogs; We share content with blogging communities to exponentially increase your reach across the internet.


We create and populate Social Media channels for your company; We help you carve out a unique niche for each Social Media outlet, and create meaningful, lasting relationships with customers.