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  • Email : dnnskindev@gmail.com
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  • Develop a website that reflects the business
  • Create a positive online user experience (UX)
  • Implement simple, intuitive site navigation
  • Write clear, informative, unique content
  • Leverage existing social media channels
  • Configure email forms & newsletter distribution
  • Ensure mobile accessibility
  • Design/Code with Internet Marketing in mind
  • Thoroughly test all aspects of the site


  • Website Design
  • Responsive Website Design
  • UI Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Video Production
  • Custom Photography
  • Quality Assurance Testing



Pinnacle Wine & Liquor is an independent wine and liquor store located in Brighton, NY, just west of Twelve Corners on Monroe Ave. Formerly known as Yaeger’s Fine Wines and Spirits, Pinnacle moved to their Brighton location in 2012. Pinnacle Wine & Liquor came to GRIM Digital Media in search of a new website that would better reflect their business. GRIM designed a new, mobile-friendly website and developed all the content, photography, videos and graphics for the new Pinnacle Wine & Liquor website.

Videos are a great way to increase visitor time on your website and demonstrate what you can do for your clients. We created featured videos for Pinnacle Wine & Liquor and embedded the videos throughout their website.



GRIM Digital Media provided a photo shoot for Pinnacle Wine & Liquor. Photographs of the owners were taken for use on the website, and photographs of their brands and bottles were taken and edited to display some of their products in a professional, clean way throughout their website.


The GRIM Digital Media team created multiple graphics to be used throughout the Pinnacle Wine & Liquor website. As with every website project, graphic design was a critical component to create an eye-catching and engaging users experience. For Pinnacle Wine & Liquor, GRIM used a combination of stock images, photography and custom graphics.


Pinnacle Wine & Liquor features monthly specials with sales and promotions of their products. The goal with the Monthly Features page was to list a few different promotional offers each month in a simple way. GRIM created a Monthly Features component of their website to highlight a few features each month and to dynamically display these features on the Monthly Features page as well as a feed that displays a thumbnail version of these specials in the footer of the website. The Monthly Features module was created to allow the client to make updates through a content management system provided by GRIM.


Pinnacle Wine & Liquor utilizes their company Facebook page to display promotions, events and interesting news about their business. Embedding a Facebook feed onto a website is simple, clean and provides dynamic content that is updated in one place and displayed on Facebook and their website simultaneously. A Facebook feed is a great way to leverage content across platforms.

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