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  • Develop a website that reflects the mission of Cordello Law PLLC
  • Create a positive online user experience (UX)
  • Implement simple, intuitive site navigation
  • Write clear, informative, unique content
  • Create a way for the client to publish content
  • Leverage existing social media channels
  • Configure email forms & marketing landing page
  • Ensure mobile accessibility
  • Design/Code with Internet Marketing in mind
  • Thoroughly test all aspects of the site


  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Responsive Website Design
  • UI Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Letterhead & Email Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Video Production
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Local Listing cleanup & monitoring



Justin Cordello, Esq. founded Cordello Law PLLC to focus entirely on labor and employment litigation on behalf of employees throughout the Rochester, New York area. His law firm has been instrumental in obtaining significant financial recoveries for clients through the litigation and negotiation of employment disputes. While a firm’s success is generally measured from a financial standpoint, Mr. Cordello is proud of the fact that the cases he has represented have also led to changes in illegal and abusive employment practices.

Justin Cordello came to GRIM Digital Media in search of a new website that would better reflect his firm. GRIM designed and developed a new, mobile-friendly website, including graphics, descriptions of employment law, a biography & linked resume, videos, case history, contact email form, a client-managed blog, and a landing page for marketing efforts. The end result is a much more robust Cordello Law PLLC website that helps educate potential clients and addresses their initial concerns.


Visitor Engagement

Introducing yourself with a short biographical video gives potential clients an initial sense of who your are and the values you represent.

Videos are also engaging, and increase the time many visitors spend on your site - which then helps increase your website's ranking in search results.


GRIM Digital Media created a new logo for Cordello Law PLLC, and included the logo on the new website, social media channels, letterhead for traditional correspondences, and in an email signature line for digital communications.

GRIM also updated the profile banners for the existing Cordello Law PLLC Social Media channels to create a consistent look and feel for the client brand and provide additional outlets for the distribution of blog articles and other content.

To provide a onsite method for the client to publish new content directly, GRIM developed a blog page on the Cordello Law PLLC website and consulted with the client on how to write and publish blog articles to improve the domain authority for the site and provide educational content to website visitors.


To help with the marketing efforts that Justin Cordello is managing, GRIM Digital Media cleaned up and is maintaining 50+ local listings for Cordello Law PLLC.

In addition, GRIM created a landing page for the Facebook marketing that Cordello Law is conducting on Facebook to help collect information from potential clients interested in ongoing Class Action Investigations.

Anyone who clicks on a notice about these investigations in Facebook is directed to this Landing Page, where they can read more about the investigation and provide contact information to speak directly with Justin Cordello, Esq.


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